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Dan Stoddard | Daniel Stoddard

Personal Note from Dan

I can humbly say that tonight, “We won!!”

We started this campaign to work for every resident of District 6. I will work hard every day to make not only our district but all of Rio Rancho the best community that we can for our families and our future.

I cannot begin to thank everyone for all of their help on this campaign. I can’t wait to get started.

Rio Rancho is positioned to be a leader in economic development in our state as the fastest growing city abundance of land and great talent we must take on this challenge now. 

Meet Dan Stoddard

Dan moved to New Mexico in 1987 where he met his beautiful wife, Joy in 2000 and made a family with their two boys – Brody is 27 & lives in Lubbock, Texas; Danny is 25 & lives in Eloy, Arizona with his wife Cortni & their son Brayden.

Shortly after marrying his wife in 2000, Dan left his full time job with Federal Express to pursue his passion for the care of the senior and veteran populations. In 2001 he started a small Assisted Living in Clovis, NM. When he retired in 2015, he also had a 59-bed facility in Santa Rosa, NM.

As a US Coast Guard Veteran and coming from a military family, he has a passion to serve our veterans and looks forward to working on starting a Veterans Court for Sandoval County.

Dan loves spending time with his family and especially his grandson, Brayden. Dan is a Christian and an active member of the community. When he’s not busy supporting Sandoval county or a variety of non-profits, you might catch him on his motorcycle enjoying the New Mexico scenery or enjoying a green chili cheeseburger with friends.

Some of my Accomplishments

One example my leadership was my role on the Clovis City Commisioner and Curry County Commisioner to expand the Southwest Cheese plant.  Working with other leaders, the plant was expanded.  They are now world class leaders in cheese and whey protein.The plant produces over 3.8 billion pounds of milk and products in assess of 388 million pounds of superior block cheese and 29.1 pound of value added whey protein powders each year with a workforce of over 300.

Another example of leadership was my role in Cannon Air Force Base as a City & County Commissioner, and the VP for the Clovis Chamber Executive Board of Govt. Affairs. We were given a waiver to find a mission or the base would be closed during a round of Brack hearings.

  • Worked with Washington to find a mission
  • 27th Special Operations Force
  • Today – the base hosts 6500 Air Command and their families and support staff.
  • The Melrose bombing range (25 miles from Clovis) was available to all forces)
  • Primary training range for the 27th fighter wing, approximately 3400 F-16 sorties annually and other trainings.
  • Flights are held above 30K feet to minimize any potential environmental effects.  Cannon’s airspace is close to 50K feet I some areas.

**With that acquisition, we were able to secure long-term relationships with the 27 Fighter Wing.

Professional Experience

Owner and President Senior Community Services, Inc. 2008-2015 Assisted Living and working with communities on sustainable projects for seniors in New Mexico
New Mexico Veterans Hope Inn 2011-present project for homeless Veterans
City of Clovis Commissioner 2010-2014
Curry County Commissioner 2008-2012
Curry County Vice Chair 2012
Fairhaven Quality Assisted Living, Clovis, New Mexico August 1999 to 2012
Federal Express, Clovis, New Mexico 1987 to 2000
Seafood Wholesaler, New Bedford, Mass 1980 to 1987
United States Coast Guard 1976 to 1980

Professional Affiliations

Commissioner Sandoval county Planning & zoning 2017 -Present
Sandoval County Ethics Committee 2017- Present
Cannon Air force Base special Operations Honorary Base Commander 2014
AMERICAN Legion Riders State Officer 2013- Present
National Coalition for Homeless Veterans (member) 2012- Present
State of New Mexico Music Commission Board: 2008-Present
New Mexico Assisted Living Services Organization, (Past President): 2000-Present
Mason, Member (Current)
Shriners, Member (Current) Past President 2010 & 2012

Commissioner of Eastern Regional Housing Authority 2014- 2016
New Mexico Municipal League Director at Large 2013 to 2014
New Mexico Municipal League (Budget Committee) 2012 &2013
New Mexico Municipal League (Community, Economic Development, Governmental operations policy Committee) 2012 & 2013
New Mexico Association of Counties (Board of Directors) 2009-2012
Eastern New Mexico Area Workforce Development Board: 2008-2010
Clovis Chamber Exec Board VP Government Affairs 2012
Clovis Chamber Exec Board VP – Tourism / Music Festival 2011
Clovis Chamber of Commerce, Board of Directors 2002-2012
Clovis Chamber of Commerce-Ambassador, President 2007
High Plains Harley Owners Group, Director 2003-2008
Leadership New Mexico 2008 Alumni Leadership
New Mexico Local and State Government Program, Chairman 2012 & 2013
Leadership New Mexico Local and State Government Program, Vice Chair 2011
Leadership Clovis of 2004-2005 Alumni
Rotary Club of Clovis, Past Board of Directors and Member
El Desayuno Kiwanis, Past President 2005-2006

Community Services

Clovis Music Festival, Chair 2004-2009
Clovis News Journal “Newspapers in Education” 2007
Badlands, Chair 2006-2007
Clovis/Curry County Volunteer of the Year 2007
Clovis/Curry County Ambassador of the Year 2008
Clovis/Curry Community Police Academy 2005


New Mexico Economics Development Course 2012
International Economic Development Course
Assisted Living Services Organization ~ Spring Conference, 2000-2010
Alzheimer’s Association Conference, June 2006-2007
Abuse, Neglect & Exploitation Training Indicators and Reducing Risk, April 2006-2007 Associates of Arts Degree- Liberal Arts, Clovis Community College 2003-2006
US Coast Guard Petty Officer Leadership Training, 1977
New Bedford High School, New Bedford, Massachusetts

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"I believe Dan Stoddard make a great judge. His life experiences and common sense solutions are exactly what we need in Sandoval county. We must fight every day to keep Albuquerque's crime out of our county." 
Senator Craig Brandt